Maps Of Non-Existent Places CD

Thank You Scientist      

Maps Of Non-Existent Places CD

To pinpoint Thank You Scientist’s sound would be inconceivable. On Maps of Non-Existent Places they hold a virtual master class on musicianship, fusing elements of progressive rock with jazz fusion, classical, metal, psychedelic and pop for a head spinning, mind-blowing listening experience. The seven-piece band, who collectively play some 20 instruments, boasts a hyper-composed sound which is indebted to their experience and formal training in both classical and jazz idioms.

A Frank Zappa for the indie generation? Incubus jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra? Mr. Bungle and Steely Dan joining forces to fight Godzilla? King Crimson and the Brecker Brothers serenading you at your bedside? It all seems so strange on paper, yet it’s sure to satisfy your ears in the best of ways.

  1. Prelude
  2. A Salesman's Guide to Nonexistence
  3. Feed the Horses
  4. Blood on the Radio
  5. Absentee
  6. Suspicious Waveforms
  7. Carnival
  8. Concrete Swan Dive
  9. In the Company of Worms
  10. My Famed Disappearing Act

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